Donna and I attended the premiere last night in Chicagoland.

Last night, my wife, Donna, and I, attended the premiere of The Resurrection of Gavin Stone, a new movie that brought together the strange bedfellows of Vertical Church Films and World Wrestling Entertainment, the well-known wrestling company. The movie is the latest in a line of Christian films marketed towards a faith-based audience.

Of course, such films draw the scorn of many. However, I'm not actually in that camp. I consistently seek to encourage the development of such films and think it's healthy for churches to be engaged in filmmaking.

First, let me share about the movie itself.

I was glad to see that it doesn't take itself or its Christian subject too seriously. One of the things you'll notice that is different from some Christian films is that most of the jokes are actually on us.

In other words, the quirks of Christianity are intentionally highlighted instead of scorned, and they come across as quite funny (one of my favorite lines involves the reference to “my father”). It was one of the few Christian films where people in the theater were consistently laughing, including Donna and me.

So, it was genuinely funny, and, in this case, both the insider jokes (which I think Christians will enjoy) and the jokes directed at Christians are done in a good-natured way that creates an atmosphere that welcomes all people in.

Second, the storyline is familiar—you probably won’t be surprised how things resolve, though you should still have fun getting there. As the Hollywood Reporter explained, “This genial religious-themed dramedy is refreshingly lacking in preachiness.”

For what it’s worth, there are several familiar subplots, including some relationship issues between …

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