We do not draw near to You, our Heavenly Father, in an accustomed way, as if we knew You. We do not know You as we should. We know in part, and we teach only in fragments. You are greater than that a man should encompass You with his thoughts. You are finer and nobler than anything of which we have had any experience; and there is nothing in all the round of human life that is fit to be a true interpretation of You. Our very best things are afar off from You. We know what goodness is, and we believe that You are good; we know what knowledge is, and we believe that You are vital with knowledge; we know what purpose is, and we believe that You do dwell with eternal purposes and decrees; we know the qualities which go to make You; but what You are in the fullness, in the glorious combination, in the wonderful procession of these qualities, residing in infinite strength and in utmost perfectness, we do not know. What is there in us, nascent creatures, born of the dust, and working slowly our way through ages up to the higher forms of experience and knowledge, that is fit to represent God? Our joy is, that in all respects in which we come short of a knowledge of You. You are better than anything of which we can conceive. We cannot think too highly of You, nor set about the central thought of God too many stars of glory. We cannot praise You in exaggeration, nor can we over measure the wonder and the glory of Your infinity. And when we see You as You are, when the glass is broken, and the veil is laid aside, and we stand face to face with You, then we shall know that we were children upon earth—yea, babes—in our conception of the manhood and glory of Christ Jesus. http://ow.ly/i/rdFM5