Biblical Hospitality as a Way of Life

What made you write a book on hospitality?

Dustin: Over the past few years, I’ve realized just how revolutionary the concept of opening my home to others can be. There was a time in my life and ministry when opening my home to others was the very last thing I wanted to do, but God was gracious enough to show me that I was wasting an incredible tool for the gospel by not displaying the warmth and welcoming nature of God through my home to others.

I’ve seen life after life change through this simple practice of inviting people over, and it has shocked me and encouraged me so much that I felt like we needed to write about it to encourage others to use this simple practice as well.

Brandon: I am in introvert with a capital “I”, so I also was a reluctant convert to the practice of opening my home. Ultimately, seeing the character of God as a hospitable God changed me. He’s pursued us ever since our first parents declared independence from Him, and the whole saga of creation from the garden to the new heaven and earth is a story of God’s hospitality to wayward sinners.

The fact that I can in some small way put that cosmic story on display through saying, “Hey, would you want to come over for dinner?” has been a complete game changer for me.

Dustin: It also feels like right now is the perfect time to bring up this subject. Although people are more ‘connected’ than ever before through social media and online interactions, it seems the void of presence and real-life conversations over meals is having a substantial effect on how lonely, depressed, and divided a lot of people are.

Is hospitality really mainly for extroverts? Do introverts get a hall pass on this?

Dustin: Not at all. …

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