Solas are essential to understand if we are to understand the Reformation

Josh Moody is the pastor of College Church. We’ve become fast friends and I drive (or walk) by his church at least five times a week. It’s a great blessing to our community and has a long and powerful history.

Josh and I have been discussing theology, and often have come back to the solas. We are even doing a conference together around the solas. But it seems to me that, outside of Calvinistic circles, people don’t talk about the solas much—and they need to. As such, I asked Josh a bit about it—but first I wanted to ask what it is like to pastor a church like College Church (formerly pastored by Kent Hughes, for example).

Josh, tell me what it’s like to pastor a historic church like College Church.

Being a pastor anywhere is a great joy and a great challenge, but pastoring a historic church is probably fascinating in its own way. There are reasons things have been done a certain way for a long time, and you have to learn them as you go. And, of course, you stand on the legacy of those who came before you (like Kent Hughes in my case), but you also are called to lead the church in a new era with new plans. But, it’s a great blessing to have such a heritage, but also such a great future.

Of course, pastoring is always a challenge. I had someone who jumped into help us with something this week observe my daily working patterns and said ‘hey do you always work this hard?’, to which the reply was ‘yeah, pretty much.’ Pastoring is dying, being the scum of the earth; it’s a serving job, it’s not a look-at-me-aren’t-I-great job. The humanity in us all sometimes baulks at being a living sacrifice, and we all have to find ways to get low and serve. And …

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