The influential Reformed leader is moving away from his NYC pulpit as his church becomes three.

Later this year, Redeemer Presbyterian will no longer be one multi-site megachurch in Manhattan, and Tim Keller will no longer be its senior pastor.

Keller, 66, announced at all eight Sunday services that he will be stepping down from the pulpit corresponding with a decades-long plan to transition the single Presbyterian Church in America congregation—which has grown to 5,000 members since it began 28 years ago—to three particular churches.

His last day as senior pastor will be July 1. This move does not mean retirement for Manhattan’s most popular evangelical pastor and apologist; instead, Keller will work full-time teaching in a partner program with Reformed Theological Seminary and working with Redeemer’s City to City church planting network.

“There’s a certain level of him that’s going to mourn the connection with a congregation and being their pastor,” said Kathy Keller, Tim’s wife and a staff member at Redeemer, in an interview with CT. “It’s a loss but there’s also something very exciting that he’s going to.”

She said that Keller has been “so wired” to teach seminary courses already and is excited to dedicate himself to teaching the next generation of pastors.

Because he won’t be preaching any more, he’ll be involved with more mid-week events, including speaking at Redeemer’s “Questioning Christianity” series and this year’s fall retreats. “He will probably be speaking the same volume of words as he does now,” Kathy Keller said.

Though Redeemer, Keller’s ministry helped ignite an urban church planting movement and advanced the church’s contemporary exploration of faith …

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